Philosophy Of Education

      The Cross Lake Education Authority (CLEA) believes in the dignity, value, and worth of each individual as a human person. It is recognized that students have attitudes, desires, and abilities that differ widely, nd that changing times present new standards, stresses, demands, and needs. Hence, it is believed that the basic purpose of education is to provide an instrument through which each individual may realize self-respect, self-fulfilment and relevance in a dynamic society, and that it is necessary that the educational system be ongoing, flexible, and centred on the human needs of students that it is designed to serve.
      Within the limitations of the human and natural resources, committed to education by the Education Authority, it is the purpose of Cross Lake  Education Authority to provide an education environment that will afford  students the opportunity to develop necessary skills, attitudes, and social  behavior that will enable them to meet the challenges of life and make a  positive contribution to society.
      The Cross Lake Education Authority is specifically committed to the awareness and preservation of native culture and language in Cross Lake. The Cross Lake Education Authority is dedicated to the continued growth and prosperity of native culture and language as practiced and spoken by the people of Cross Lake.