Policy: A

Policy: A – 3 Amended: June 29, 2004 Subject: Non-Discrimination
      The Authority's affairs shall be conducted with regard to equal and fair treatment of all persons under the jurisdiction of the Education Authority regardless of race, sex, gender, physically or mentally challenged, hair color, religion, etc.
Policy: A – 4 Amended: June 28, 2004 Subject: Education Philosophy
      1. The Cross Lake Education Authority believes in he dignity, value and worth of each individual as a human person. Each person has abilities that differ widely and changing times pressent new standards, stresses, demands and needs. Hence, the Education Authority believes that the basic purposes of education is to realize self-respect, self-fulfilment nad relevance in a dynamic society, and that it is necessary that the education system be ongoing, flexible and centred on the human needs of students that it is designed to serve.
      2. Within the limitations of the human, natural, and financial resources committed to education, it is the purpose of the Cross Lake Education Authority to provide an educational environment that will afford students the opportunity to develop the necessary skills, attitudes and social behaviour that will enable them to meet the challenges to life and make a positive contribution to society.
      3. The Cross lake Education Authority is specifically committed to the awareness and presevation of native culture and language in Cross Lake. The Cross lake Education Authority is dedicated to the continued growth and prosperity of native culture and language as practiced and spoken by the people of Cross Lake.
Policy: A – 5 Amended: July 25, 2003 Subject: Education Authority Aims
      1. To provide an opportunity for every student to develop and acquire proficient language skills in both Cree and English.
      2. To promote parental involvement in the education process in Cross Lake.
      3. To provide a quality education program, the standards of which will be comparable or greater than those found in the province generally.
      4. To utilize all education facilities to the maximum.
      5. To promote adult education and training.
      6. To encourage all persons eligible to attend school, college, university or other learning institutions depending on availablity of funds.
      7. To recruit and emply qualified teaching/support staff and/or best incumbent for vacant positions.
      8. To promote extra-curricular activities as part of the school education program.
      9. To encourage parents and teachers to be aware of the physical and emotional well-being of students and to provide for them in their needs.
      10. To promote a special education program that will provide for these students who are physically, mentally or emotionally challenged depending on availablity of funds.
      11. To advise parents of educational matters dealt with by school and the Education Authroity on a regular basis.
      12. To promote good attendance at school by all students and staff.
      13. To enrich the curriculum by including courses such as music, drama, driver education, Cree, etc.
      14. To utilize as many local outside resourses as practical in regular school programs, e.g. elders, N.A.D.A.P., Medical Services, R.C.M.P., etc.
      15. To incorporate a greater awareness of the Pimicikamak Cree Nation Council and its local history i.e. NFA process, Four Councils, etc.
Policy: A – 6 Amended: July 25, 2003 Subject: Statement of Goals
      1. To help every student acquire the greatest possible understanding of one's identity.
      2. To help every student acquire an understanding, appreciation and respect of persons belonging to a social, cultural and ethnic group different from their own.
      3. To help every student acquire to the fullest extend possible mastery of the basic skills in the use of words and numbers.
      4. To help every student acquire a positive attitude toward school and toward the learning process.
      5. To help every student acquire the habits and attitudes associated with responsible citizenship.
      6. To help every student acquire good health habits and an understanding of the conditions necessary for the maintenance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
      7. To give every student opportunity and encouragement to be creative in one or more fields on endeavour.
      8. To help every student understand the opportunities open to them for preparing themselves for a productive life and to enable them to take full advantage of those opportunities.
      9. To help every student understand and appreciate as much as they can of human achievement in the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, the arts and technolgy.
      10. To help every student prepare for a world of rapid change and unforeseeable demand in which continuing education throughout their adult life should be a normal expection.
      11. To help every student develop Wisdom, Respect, Love, Humility, Honesty, Courage and Truth of our culture, Canadian Heritage and Pimicikamak Cree Nation Nationhood.